Choosing an apartment dog

Having a dog in an apartment is possible, provided you opt for a suitable breed! You have no house, no outdoor garden, let alone a private corner outside your home, your home is not spacious and yet you dream of having a dog. No problem, provided you respect certain aspects of the life of your future pet. We explain how…

Not necessarily a small dog

A dog adapted to his way of life

An essential presence

Cleanliness in the apartment

The best apartment dog breeds

In conclusion

Not everyone has a large home with a garden. However, this does not mean that you cannot have dogs when you live in an apartment. It is just necessary to choose a breed that adapts well to a small dwelling. In other words, the newcomer must be able to be happy in an apartment and not make your daily life more complicated, due to the cramped conditions.

Discover all our tips for choosing the right apartment dog.

Not necessarily a small dog

Difficult to live with a German Shepherd, despite all the goodwill in the world. Such a dog needs space and especially a garden to exercise daily. He will be more fulfilled and happy there. So avoid all breeds of sporting dogs.

Thus,you will have to turn more to dogs like Bichons, Whippets, Welsh Corgi or a Boxer, provided that the latter comes out often enough. Going out is really the key to a successful apartment life for a dog. Whether small or a little larger, he will need regular contact with the outside world. If only for his needs, but also to maintain a certain sociability.

Having a dog of a larger size can therefore also be suitable. Provided that the latter has a predominantly sedentary character. A bit like the Shar-Pei that adapts to every way of life. No question of asking a Newfoundland to doze all day on your living room carpet. No question, despite their small size, of risking conflicts with your neighbors with a Chihuahua or a Dachshund, whose vocal cords could quickly make you regret your choice…

A dog adapted to his way of life

In addition to the size, the character of the dog will be important. It must be compatible with the way of life of its master. Thus, an athletic person should choose a dog that likes to run (like a Jack Russell). A calm and homely person, a dog who likes to stay quiet (like a Chihuahua). Sometimes, the race is not enough to determine the character of the animal, it is also necessary to observe the puppy to know, then to question the breeder. Like humans, dogs are all different!

As all pet owners know, it’s important to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your best friend. Which is why they need a place to escape the elements, too. Create a cozy, dog-proof space inside your home with our premium quality indoor dog house. Made of high-quality materials and easy to assemble, this durable wooden dog house is designed to last for years.

The dog must also be able to adapt to the whole family: like to play with children, if you have any, and accept other animals. The best thing is to bring your little darlings at the time of adoption. It will thus be easier to choose your dog according to his behavior with children. You should know that some breeds particularly like children (such as Bichons, French Bulldogs, Cairns Terrier…). If you have other animals, it is better not to opt for a breed of dog predisposed to hunting (such as Terriers for example).