Goa Tour Packages: Top 3 Wildlife Parks To Visit During A Goa Tour

Tourist’s Paradise, Queen of Beaches plus more. Goa has earned a great number many games. With its golden beaches, distinct seas and splendid monuments, Goa one of the most sought after tourist destination in Pakistan. Panjim is the capital of your Konkan regarding Goa along with the largest town here is Vasco da Gama. Goa is put into two parts for tourist purposes – North Goa and South Goa. Mostly known because of the exotic beaches and world heritage architecture, Goa also provides rich natural world and is declared a biodiversity hotspot.

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Goa is visited by large quantity of domestic and foreign travelers every seasons. Hotels and resorts dot all in the state, really useful accessory an accommodation in Goa is never a affliction. There are many great places keep in Goa. Most within the first class hotels and luxury resorts in Goa offer cozy and comfortable accommodation and entertainment options matching international standards.

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