Housing Disrepair Claims

If you believe that your housing is in a state of disrepair, you can make a housing disrepair claim for compensation. A housing disrepair claim can be filed in a number of different ways, including through a solicitor. For assistance, you can contact a team of experts who are experts in housing disrepair. This includes Disrepair Claim, a company that specializes in this area.

Common causes of housing disrepair

Poor housing conditions are one of the most common causes of housing disrepair claims. Some landlords fail to address damp and mould issues in their properties, resulting in respiratory illnesses for tenants. Such landlords should remedy the problem immediately, and they should be held liable for damages caused. Electrical faults are also a common cause of housing disrepair claims, and landlords must take necessary action to prevent the occurrence of such issues.

Common issues

Housing disrepair claims can be very frustrating for tenants and landlords alike. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to take care of your property and to act in a tenant-like manner. You are also entitled to seek compensation if the housing is not up to scratch. Housing disrepair claims are typically filed when the property has been in a state of disrepair for an extended period of time.


If your property is in need of repairs, you can claim compensation for housing disrepair. The amount of compensation that you can claim will depend on the extent of damage caused and how long the disrepair has lasted. If you have experienced a lack of maintenance, you can also claim for loss of amenity. In the event that your property is not up to standard, you may be entitled to a replacement unit.

Pre-Action Protocol

The Pre-Action Protocol for Housing Disrepair Claims provides tenants with a clear framework for dealing with their housing disrepair claims compensation before a court case. This Protocol promotes early exchange of information and encourages the parties to make repairs as quickly and appropriately as possible. The protocol also helps tenants avoid unnecessary litigation by encouraging them to notify their landlords of unsuitable living conditions as early as possible.

Legal advice

You can claim compensation for disrepair from your landlord if your property has suffered from a lack of maintenance. The amount you can claim depends on how severe the disrepair is and the length of time it has been an issue. It is also possible to make a claim if your living conditions have led to personal injury. However, if you have already fallen behind on rent, you may not be eligible to make a claim.