The Top 10 Ways to Attract and Retain Young Donors

Young donors, those who are between 20 and 40 years old, require particular care. Take a look. The majority of us have used a computer and are completely at ease with technology. Social networking is standard and many might text or email in the same way as they talk throughout the day. However, the classic stages of cultivation as well as solicitation and stewardship remain the most effective fundraising methods even for young donors. What steps should an organization take to make it relevant to these savvy, social and more mobile individuals? Take a look at these fundamentals. Section 18A Certificate

Meet them wherever they’re.

Does your company has an online presence in Facebook, Twitter or some other related social network website? If not, it’s time to. If you’re not sure if you know what to do, talk to potential young donors to get help, or ask your college student. They can help you understand the complexities of the new technology.

Connect with new donors.

Advertise your company’s initiatives and events with the young professional networks on and off-line.


It’s not only connected to the Web. Networking is everywhere. Find out about the potential young donors’ preferences and introduce them to the leaders and others in your organization.

You can seek their non-financial assistance.

Volunteering to make a difference provides young donors with the chance to understand the mission of your organization by looking inside. It’s authentic and unfiltered and what they need to learn.

Create Leadership Positions

The possibility of a position on your advisory or board committees to younger donors is a fantastic opportunity to show the inclusiveness of your organization , which can ultimately draw other young donors.

Trust is #1

Young donors are smart. They are aware of how to find out about your organization’s information through Charity Navigator and other sources. The transparency of your organization and the details about how donations are utilized to support your work are the most effective methods to create trust.


After you’ve established this trusting and trustworthy relationship, and your younger donors are aware of your mission…don’t be a fool and don’t forget to request! The best method of asking is to do it in person or over the phone, but many of these young donors make their first donation on the internet. Making compelling videos (on your Facebook or website page) draw potential donors to your cause and create a appeal to action that will result in the donation.


After the first gift are made, it is essential to keep demonstrating the importance of their contribution as well as the relationship they have with your company.

Stewardship 2.0

Stewardship is never over, but simply improves. When you begin to get familiar with your younger donors , you’ll discover what they appreciate. As with any relationship that is successful communicating is crucial to continuous growth. Keep your younger donors up on the goals of your organization, its programs, and achievements!

Grow the Gifts!

Giving can become a habit when appropriately managed. Effective and timely acknowledgements of donations as well as information on how donations are utilized, and asking the donor to indicate how they’d like to give (online as well as monthly, annual or at a specific time of the year etc.) are all crucial to keeping and growing contributions over the course of time.

Mission Focus

The issue is ALL concerned with the purpose. What is it that draws young donors (or any donor, for that matter) to your cause? Nine times out of 10, it’s your mission. Make sure you highlight your mission and entice your new donors with information about where you’re headed and what you’re up to and how they can help you to meet new heights with their help.